I started taking my son to Brittany about a year ago when his acne was getting pretty severe and everything the dermatologist was giving him just seemed to make his skin more irritated. I’d heard from a friend how much her daughter loved Brittany and how she successfully cleared her acne, so we gave it a shot. After just a few treatments his skin began to clear up. Now I pretty much have the whole family seeing Brittany, including myself.
I have been to countless estheticians over the last few years, and Brittany at Eden Esthetics has quickly become my go-to girl for peels! Her professionalism and knowledge of all kinds of masks and peels has been priceless for me. She is the most welcoming, knowledgeable, and passionate esthetician I’ve ever had. 

My skin has transformed under her loving hands! The acne and scarring that I’ve dealt with have radically improved, and I see a definite improvement with each session I spend with her. 

I would absolutely recommend her
— Dr. Sheena Smith
“I have really enjoyed my facials by Brittany, she has a healing touch and her products are the best I’ve ever used. Lately people have been commenting on how young I look for a fifty four year old! I enjoy keeping youthful looking skin and having a special treat I give to myself once a month.”
— Cindy
Brittany has been doing my facials for about two and a half years now. I have been getting facials on a regular basis for about ten years, and I can honestly say that Brittany has been the best esthetician I have ever had. She customizes her facials and peels, depending on the needs of your skin. I have never experienced any problem with the facials/peels I have gotten from Brittany, and my acne has cleared up a great deal. I see a huge improvement in my skin after my facials! 

I recently moved to the Bay Area, but my family still resides in San Diego. Everytime I am in town, I schedule a facial with Brittany. I’m sure there are great estheticians in the Bay Area, but I’m a loyal client... I also kept my San Diego dentist- haha!
Last week I had my first treatment with Brittany and my skin hasn’t looked this good in months! Recently my skin has been a nightmare with new blemishes almost every day - but since my facial there hasn’t been one new blemish and my skin is looking clear and smooth. I feel so much better. Brittany also worked with me to create a new skin care regimen to fit my dry skin and problem areas. I finally feel like I have a handle on my breakouts and can leave the house without makeup! Plus Brittany is such a doll and she provides a totally relaxing experience. I’ll definitely be back.
Love Brittany! The first spa facial I ever had left me with an incorrect assumption that all facials would leave me with a red, burning face - so when I decided to try it again I chose someone with experience, knowledge and honesty. Brittany assured me that her process was much different and tailored for me, instead of just another menu item at the spa. She was right. My face is clear and glowing, a compliment I hear all the time since I started my monthly visits back in December. I’m a customer for life!
— Courtney
Brittany is the first and only esthetician I will ever visit. I absolutely HAAATE people touching my face let alone for an extended period of time but she really does a great job at making the experience fun and relaxing. The first time I came into see Brittany I was greeted with a very friendly smile and an atmosphere of comfort and professionalism. After my facial I was stunned about how clear and generally awesome my face looked. She did such a fantastic job and did her absolute best to make me feel comfortable and welcomed. I’ve been going to brittany for about 4 months now and I’m totally addicted. I love the way I look and feel every time I leave and will keep going back for years to come. 

Would recommend her to anyone and I 100% stand by her work. 5 stars for sure!

Guys - getting a facial is not just for chicks! She works with plenty of dudes and makes us look great! Check her out!
— Andre